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Last Updated: August 10, 2015

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What should you consider when choosing a dedicated server hosting provider?

The first and foremost consideration is reliability. If you do the work to move your site over to a new dedicated server, you need to be able to sleep while not worrying about whether your site will be down or your data will be lost. If you choose a provider that has great uptime, keeps back-ups and responds to support tickets in a timely fashion, you will be happy with your new dedicated server.

What’s the Challenge?

So what is the challenge of finding a “cheap” dedicated server? When you choose a dedicated server plan, there is a chance that the reliability, support and other factors may suffer. The best way to fight this is to do your research about the company and plan before you choose them. This means finding reviews from previous customers. This will allow you to find out what experiences other people have had with the company before you spend your hard-earned money. While some online reviews may be negative, you have to look at the overview of reviews to get an idea of the company — also keep in mind that happy people tend NOT to post reviews, while those with problems post reviews more regularly. This means the overall average of reviews may tend to be lower than the actual happiness of the average customer.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cheap Dedicated Server

There are a number of considerations when choosing a dedicated server. The first is whether you actually need a dedicated server. You may need more than shared hosting, but less than dedicated hosting. This is a great circumstance for getting a cloud server. These can help a lot when you are in between shared and dedicated hosting.

If you decide that you actually need dedicated hosting, you should consider the following:

  • Processor speed/number of cores
  • RAM
  • Bandwidth
  • Support
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • Price

These are important and the sum of these parts will determine the price. The trick is to find the most for your dollar — this is what any bargain shopper is trying to do. The next time you shop for a dedicated server on a budget, consider these options and also consider going with iPage, which is our number one recommendation.

Unlike shared hosting, which is essentially one dedicated server where the storage and bandwidth are all shared among several clients, dedicated hosting provides the full use of all the resources of the server to one user. While shared hosting works well for websites with little traffic, sharing a server isn’t necessarily the best option for individuals or businesses that see a lot of traffic on their sites or store a lot of data on their servers. However, leasing a dedicated server can be expensive, and buying a server will require periodic maintenance as well as possible repair bills.

Discount Dedicated Hosting Overview

Hosting is essentially renting space on a server, with the server being maintained by the hosting company, all for a monthly fee. Hosting fees for dedicated servers can be pricey, with some companies charging hundreds of dollars per month, but discount dedicated hosting provides all the benefits of a dedicated server at a less expensive cost.

With discount dedicated hosting customers can rent server space in a secure data center, taking advantage of the center’s resources. In addition to basic operational services, such as reliability and network connectivity, dedicated hosting offer exclusives features including management and automatic data backup. Another often overlooked advantage of a dedicated server is the client is the only one who has access to the server, providing an additional layer of security.

More companies are offering discount dedicated hosting in response to higher-priced hosting services. Choosing the right discount dedicated hosting company is an important decision. Companies offer a wide range of services and it is important to choose a hosting company that can handle all the needs of the website and doing business with a trusted. Additionally, a proven discount dedicated hosting company is essential for long-term stability and success.

Finding the Best Dedicated Hosting Company

There is a litany of criteria to consider when choosing a discount dedicated hosting company. After reliability, flexibility and top-notch customer support are the most crucial factors in selecting any hoisting company. Additionally, if the website administrator isn’t capable of managing all the required tasks of system administration then it is important to find a hosting company that offers advanced-managed services.

Hardware and software specifications must also be considered. Here are several factors that must be taken into account:

Determine how powerful a server the website requires. Sites that are written with CPU-intensive scripts or video transcoding will require very robust servers running multiple processors.

Memory is crucial for fast-loading webpages. Random Access Memory, commonly referred to as RAM, is essentially the available amount of data-storage capacity that will allow the user to access the memory on the server. The larger the RAM on the server the quicker the server will respond and faster the website will load.

If the website uses massive data or small sensitive data packs relating to customers, such as social security numbers or other unique information, then the server should have one primary hard drive and a secondary hard drive that serves as back-up, also called mirroring.

Bandwidth regulates how much data can be transferred to and from the site per billing cycle, and the more traffic the site experiences the larger the bandwidth capacity must be. This is especially crucial for sites that run scripts with large database communications, high-quality images or that stream multimedia files.

A final consideration is the software specifications of the server. Windows and Linux are the two most common server operating system providers. If the website uses ASP.NET or MS SQL Server a Microsoft platform, like Windows, is necessary. However, if the website is designed on an open-source stack like Apache, MySQL, or PHP a Linux server, such as CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu or Fedora is the better option.

All of these issues must be carefully considered when selecting a discount dedicated hosting company. Bear in mind, even with discount hosts the price will often go up in conjunction with the more services that are required.

Disclosure: We are professional web hosting experts and we rank the providers based on our own views and reviews from customers. We always update our list as all providers change constantly and therefore we need to adjust rankings from time to time. We receive compensation from all the providers in the list but we are independently owned and therefore our opinions are of our own.