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Are you on the lookout for cheap dedicated game servers that can easily handle complex graphical games like ‘Counter Strike’? When it comes to game servers, performance is key. If your server is slow, it won’t be able to handle all the intense action you and your community could enjoy. Even relatively simple games require powerful servers if you are going to scale up to a large number of players.

When it comes to games with the sharpest modern graphics, such as the latest installments of “Call of Duty” or “Mine Craft” or “Medal of Honor”, you’ll need a server with excellent bandwidth and RAM. These servers also need to have the ability to render complex graphics efficiently. If they don’t, lag could render your game unplayable and might cause you to lose users.

Although there are thousands of servers out there for all of the most popular games, it’s not that easy to find a good deal on cheap dedicated game servers. When you’re comparing your options, remember that the physical location of your server will have a huge impact — you should choose a server as close as possible to your users.

Three Top Companies for Cheap Dedicated Game Servers:

number 1 cheap dedicated serverhosting-sourceOne of the interesting challenges when it comes to finding your game servers is the fact that very few companies actually advertise this service. It’s important to know what you are looking for and read between the lines when comparing dedicated hosting. Luckily, HostingSource provides super-fast dedicated servers in both Linux and Windows flavors.

HostingSource offers great RAM and bandwidth for even its basic server configuration. Plus, the company’s use of Intel i5 and i7 technology means you will enjoy crisp, clear processing of graphics even without a dedicated graphics card, which can be tough to find in the dedicated servers you order from a host.

Top Features of HostingSource’s Intel Quad-Core 3.4 GHz Dedicated Server for $79 Monthly:

  • Eight Gigabytes of RAM, Full Terabyte of Disk Storage and Five Terabytes of Bandwidth.
  • Ultra-Fast Quad-Core Technology on the Intel i5 Architecture Ideal for Gaming Servers.
  • Huge List of Optional Features Including Full Managed Services at a Reasonable Price.

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number 2 cheap dedicated serversinterserver-dedicated

InterServer has established itself as a market leader when it comes to excellent hardware at an astonishingly low price. If you’re hoping to host a game with low graphical requirements, then you just can’t go wrong with what InterServer has to offer. Plus, you’ll be able to easily scale your server up whenever you need to — all with an affordable investment.

No matter what hosting plan you’re on, InterServer showcases generous monthly bandwidth allotments. That makes it ideal for larger gaming communities where lots of people might want to play at once. Its use of dual-core technology allows you to squeeze more power out of a modest 1.6 GHz processing speed, so you can still play well-optimized games without going up to a higher price point.

Terrific Features of InterServer’s Intel Dual-Core Atom Dedicated Server for $59 Monthly:

  • One of the Most Inexpensive Dedicated Server Options Around for Smaller Games.
  • Full Gigabyte of RAM, Six Terabytes of Bandwidth and a 250 Gigabyte Hard Drive.
  • Upgrade Your Memory, Hard Drive or Bandwidth at Any Time to Meet Your Needs.

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number 3 cheap dedicated servers

logoA2 Hosting has long had a position at the vanguard of new hosting technology. The company strives to optimize its network and its architecture so hosted sites are always getting faster. Although A2 Hosting may not be the cheapest host around, it’s definitely worth exploring if consistently high speed is an important part of your gaming experience.

A2 Hosting’s “Flex Leverage” Dedicated Server provides you with the highest level of bandwidth for an entry-level dedicated solution. This is coupled with a huge serving of RAM, so you’ll be able to host a much bigger gaming community without worrying about lag or frame skips. Last, but certainly not least, you benefit from a very impressive 3.1 GHz Intel CPU. The big trade-off? A somewhat higher monthly cost for the server.

Outstanding Features of A2 Hosting’s “Flex Leverage” Dedicated Server for $99.59 Monthly:

  • Among the Best in the Industry: Ten Terabytes of Bandwidth, Four Gigabytes of RAM.
  • Smoking Hot Dual-Core Intel 3.1 GHz CPU Leaves the Gaming Competition in the Dust.
  • Upgrade to a Complete SSD Hard Drive Solution for Even Faster Gaming and Loading.

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When it comes to game servers, your needs will likely change over time. Before you decide which hosting company to get started with, it’s a good idea to call up customer service and give a description of the kind of games you want your server to support. This can save you some trouble before you invest in a dedicated server!

If you think that the budget of dedicated server is too high, you may refer to this article to find out the best VPS hosting providers for game servers.

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