Cheap Dedicated Servers With cPanel

cheap dedicated servers with cpanel

Want to make it easy to administer a large website? If so, cPanel was made for you. The cPanel control panel suite is the most popular in the world today, centralizing key site administration tasks for webmasters. It gives control of email, files, databases, domains and applications that will make your site stand out.

If you’re new to site administration, cPanel takes a lot of mystery away. However, even the most tech-savvy webmaster can enjoy cPanel’s convenience, especially when overseeing multiple sites. Because of its user-friendly features, cPanel is one of the most sought-after options when comparing Web hosting options.

In the past, the cPanel add-on was fairly expensive. As it grew popular with creative agencies leading hundreds of client sites, however, it also became more visible for individual webmasters. Now, including cPanel with hosting is a mark of quality in any host, making it much easier to take care of your dedicated server over time. Remember, though, that it’s compatible with Linux-based servers only.

Three Great Options For Hosting Cheap Dedicated Servers with cPanel:

number 1 cheap dedicated serverhosting-sourceHostingSource has one of the longest histories in the modern Web hosting industry, providing more than two decades of experience. With lightning-fast connections centered in New Jersey, it offers speedy and stable hosting. Its dedicated servers have a great reputation for security, too — backed by a guarantee that your site will be up 100 percent of the time.

Another thing that makes HostingSource stand out is the interesting way it packages optional services. You’ll find cPanel on the optional list, but it’s remarkably cheap at just $12 per month. Depending on your hosting plan, you could save up to 15 percent when you pay in advance.

Hot Features of HostingSource’s Intel Quad-Core Dedicated Server for $79 Monthly:

— Industry Leader in Cheap Dedicated Hosting and Cost-Effective cPanel Access
— Eight Gigabytes of RAM and Seven Terabytes of Bandwidth Empower Your Site
— Built-in Security Features Alongside a Number of Inexpensive Optional Items

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number 2 cheap dedicated serversinterserver-dedicatedWhen it comes to flexible, affordable pricing, InterServer is the king. Many of its dedicated server customers first got hooked on the granular pricing of its VPS and traded up to dedicated servers later. Its dedicated server doesn’t disappoint on price, positioning it firmly as a budget-friendly choice.

Many people don’t realize InterServer offers cPanel, but InterServer stands behind cPanel for both its VPS and dedicated servers. A quick glance at its forum will show the company constantly upgrades to newer versions. If you’re new to cPanel, you’ll also find a number of useful articles about it in the host’s knowledgebase.

Awesome Features of InterServer’s Intel Dual-Core Atom Dedicated Server at $59 Monthly:

— Outstanding Price for Dual-Core, Single-CPU Architecture at 1.6 GHz
— One Gigabyte of RAM and 250 Gigabytes of SATA Hard Drive Space; SSD Available
— Six Terabytes of Bandwidth Included; Massive 100 Terabyte Option Available

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number 3 cheap dedicated servershostgator managed dedicated server hostingMost webmasters have heard of HostGator, which offers shared, VPS and dedicated hosting options. Even if you’ve never been hosted with the company, you may have seen its ads or heard of its popular reseller program. For cPanel aficionados, HostGator has something special: It offers cPanel free with every Linux-based dedicated server.

HostGator’s size and clout gives it advantages in treating cPanel not as an add-on, but as an essential piece of your hosting package. While its price isn’t as attractive as the options above, the lack of a licensing fee helps close the gap. Plus, HostGator is known for reliable technical support and provides great value for your dollar.

Excellent Features of HostGator’s Basic Dedicated Server: $105 First Month, $174 Afterwards:

— Intel Xeon Dual-Core 2.3 GHz Architecture Delivers Amazing Speeds on Four Threads
— Four Gigabytes of RAM and 500 Gigabytes of Space on Secure RAID Hard Drive
— Two Dedicated IPs and Huge Amounts of Monthly Bandwidth, Exceeding Competitors

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Need cPanel? These three hosts offer dedicated hosting at an affordable price with plenty of great cPanel support. They’ll help you keep up with the most recent cPanel so you can launch and lead your sites more easily.

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