The first text message that you send to your girl is most precious

Actually it is a great riddle for every guy and they would really get confused a lot. Their mind would keep on oscillating thinking about how to text a girl for the first time. During that time it is required for you to know some proper method of communicating with her. Only then you can extend that to the next level of your relationship happily.

When you are poor and created a bad impression then whatever you tried to do in future it would be really a worst one.

First text to a girl should not start with “Hi and Hello”, it should be casual and direct to the point.

Avoiding a long passage with the meaningless or same content repeating in the different points is best idea. Instead you can start with some lovable words with a small intro about you because you are texting her for the very first time.

The first message should be quite impressive

Message a girl for the first time is consider as the most challenging situation for many boys till now. During that time you should know how to start casual, ask her only the meaningful questions that you liked and at the middle you can try to post some expressive jokes but avoid sexy jokes at the first message.

Even you can allow her to lead the conversation at some point and ask what her hobby is. At some point you can appreciate her for something that will sure increase the trust that she had on you.

Strategies that you have to follow when you begin to text

When you started alive conversation at that point it is necessary for you to know how to make the speech develop in a lively method. You should give importance for few things that is listed below

first text message

  • She should never feel bored through seeing your conversation.
  • Never make her feel that why she is texting you at any cause.
  • Stop your stupid funny messages and divert the conversation as per she really loves.
  • Avoid going deep about the same topic and spoil her mood.
  • Stop enquiry about her a lot of things until and unless she tries to saying to you.
  • Avoid short conversation as like, “Then, Mmmm, okay”, and so on because it would really irritate her.
  • When you know what she really liked, at that point you can exceed the speech.

Things that you should keep in mind before you start to text

When you message a girl for the first time it is important for you to keep the above things in your mind. You may think it is just a message and nothing going to happen through that but it is the base, only if the basement is strong there you can build a lovely relationship with her. Even there are lots of possibilities are there for you to have a relationship with her as like dating, friends and to start your love.