How can you respond to someone who says I Love you even when you are really not interested with it

Saying “I Love You” to the person whom you really likes, cares and loves is not wrong. At the same time you cannot able to accept all the proposals that comes to you. In that point it is necessary for you to know how to manage the situation when a boy tells you he loves you. It is because suddenly when you had reflected for that in abnormal manner makes your relationship to cut.

So there is a need for you to manage the situations and escape from those typical situations. But in your heart there would be a confusion thinking about, “he told me he loves me, but I’m don’t” during that time you should not get panic or hurt because it would reflect from you in the form of harsh words.

  • Stay cool and make him to remain steady

After knowing that you don’t love him would be really a hurting situation for him. That particular moment you would convince him but not lose the relationship that you had with him. For that you can give him a hug meanwhile assures him that you care about him more.

At that point it is required for you to be honest and avoid saying fake things to make him to stay cool. Don’t get hyper tension and even in that situation you should know to treat him about how he wants to be treated.

Responding to I love you

  • Even after that try to be normal

Responding to I love you is not a wrong thing. Even when you don’t like his love you don’t want to act as like a weird around that would make him to feel bad. It is your responsibility for you to make him to escape from those typical situations. Try to continue and behave with him as normal as like before.

  • You can go out along with him as normal.
  • Spend a lot of time without making him to feel something new.
  • Be true to him as like before and don’t hide anything from him at any cause.
  • Avoid fighting with him through pointing out the love that he told already.

Through following these things you can have a friendly relationship even after he came to know that you don’t love him.

he told me he loves me, but I’m don’t

Why there is a need for you to take care about these things even after you don’t love him?

You would really have confusion and worried about thinking about these conditions, even a question would pop up in your mind why you should have concern on him. But just think for a while his love and care was true. He would have stayed behind you in all your sorrows and happiness all in sudden when you hate him at that point his life would seems as like an empty vessel.

In that place even when you cannot fill that vessel with love at least you can make that filled up with care and affections.