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The way to Prolong the Life of the Picket Gates

A set of wood gates needs to stand straight and real through all weathers, from your depths of winters freeze, to summer months temperatures where you could fry an egg on its timber gates in Ireland

They can be expected to withstand remaining strike by footballs, smashed alongside one another by winds and any variety of other stresses.

They are left with very little or no defense in the course of this time and once they last but not least throw in the towel and collapse it will always be the timber and very frequently the maker that is blamed, whereas the agonizing truth of the matter is usually that inadequate or inadequate protection has long been utilized via the operator.

Therefore this information will endure the various popular finishes that are available towards the unsuspecting public, and it will attempt to response the following:-

Suitability in the finish for picket gates

Simplicity of application

Rewards and downsides of each and every finish.

Some standard info

Timber is designed up of fibres and appears similar to a box of straws, these fibres take up dampness.

When the moisture written content of the timber rises over 20% this is adequate to empower the timber to decay, and hence the gates rot.

The tree has the bark to shield it and there are quite a few commercially obtainable goods available to test and replicate this security.

Nonetheless not all apps give equal protection as well as their unadvised use on picket gates may have harmful effects, and pretty normally wreck a really very good set of gates, so beware!

Finishes of wood gates could be break up into two sections:-

Floor Coatings

Oil Based coatings

Area coatings are all those which sort a coating around the timber and seal it versus the weather conditions, a little like a wrapper on the sweet.

Oil dependent coatings are practically as the title implies they are oil centered and they are absorbed from the timber and do not lie within the surface

Down below is usually a listing of by far the most widespread area coatings used on timber

Oil Base Paint

Drinking water base

Fence Paint


Micro Porous

Oil centered finishes are:-

Danish Oil

Teak Oil,

Tung nut oil

Linseed oil.

There are other folks but these are the frequent kinds.

The subsequent articles will endure each and every on the finishes outlined higher than as well as their performance inside the safety of picket gates


This is the extensive tried and trusted strategy of preserving timber in the components, and completed effectively will seal the gates from the worst with the weather.

On the other hand it needs to be the right way used and make sure it really is placed on the bottom on the timber gates, to ensure that it gets perfectly sealed together with any flat horizontal surfaces that can maintain h2o

Having finished an attractive work around the gates there may be some thing that you just should now bear in mind.