Cheap Dual Core Dedicated Servers

cheap dual core dedicated server

Even though processing speeds have grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade, speed is still one of the biggest concerns in the hosting market. Companies like Intel and AMD fight to develop, benchmark and launch the latest processors before rivals. The fighting is even more fierce to corner the limited and lucrative hosting market.

Processing speed stands as one of the most expensive aspects of hosting, but it is also one of the most important. Dual-core architecture lets you have more process “threads” open at one time, providing a smoother experience when multiple users are active at once. When a processor is fast enough and backed by sufficient RAM, hosting can be seamless for thousands of users. This makes it crucial for anyone who wants to resell hosting.

Of course, if your hosting needs include the most hardcore applications, you’ll probably want to investigate quad-core server architecture instead. However, a dual-core solution can be inexpensive and usually delivers high performance for the average website. Plus, you’ll find a wide selection of cheap dual core dedicated servers in the market.

Three Outstanding Hosts for Cheap Dual Core Dedicated Servers -

number 1 cheap dedicated server interserver-dedicatedIf you’re looking for a solution that combines solid hardware specs with the best price on the market, you never go wrong by looking to InterServer first. InterServer is king when it comes to delivering on VPS environments at a minimal cost. It brings that same focus on cost-effective quality to its array of multi-core dedicated servers.

If you need to, you can go as far as an amazing six cores with InterServer. However, the dual-core option is a great intro-level solution you can upgrade from at any time. The InterServer philosophy works to your advantage if you’re trying out a new website idea: For example, you can double your RAM and hard drive space for just $5 a month for each upgrade.

Excellent Features of InterServer’s Intel Dual-Core Atom Dedicated Server for $59 Monthly:

  • Amazingly Low Price. Provides Space to Upgrade and Customize Your Server within Budget.
  • Start With a Full Gigabyte of RAM and Six Gigabytes of Monthly Data Transfer.
  • Enjoy an Included 250 Gigabyte HDD Hard Drive and Upgrade to Two Hard Drives.

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number 2 cheap dedicated serverslogoA2 Hosting is the place to go when you’re focused on excellent speed. A2 goes above and beyond when it comes to crisp performance and low loading times: It was among the first companies to outfit its network with SSD hard drives, shaving seconds off latency for users around the world. Its dual-core server is, to put it in one word, formidable.

First, you’re bound to notice you get more monthly bandwidth from A2 Hosting than from practically anywhere else. That protects you from performance issues or overage fees if your site happens to go viral. Second, although it’s “just” dual-core, you get a blazing 3.1 GHz Intel processor. RAM is very impressive as well.

Memorable Features of A2 Hosting’s “Flex Leverage” Dedicated Server for $99.59 Monthly:

  • Outstanding Basic Hardware Specs: Ten Terabytes of Bandwidth and Four Gigabytes of RAM.
  • Two RAID-1 HDD Drives Featuring 250 Gigabytes of Disk Space Each.
  • Complimentary Managed Services Including Security and Access to A2’s QuickInstaller.

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number 3 cheap dedicated serversserverpronto dedicatedIf you’re looking for a reliable dual-core dedicated server, don’t forget to find out whether ServerPronto meets your needs. ServerPronto is a smaller company, but it comes from behind and takes the gold for the most inexpensive dual-core dedicated server. You can get started with your server for as little as a tidy $39.95 each month.

Does ServerPronto skimp on the options for that price? Not at all. It differentiates itself by offering AMD Athlon processor technology instead of the more popular Intel, which may make it perfect for your needs. Its dual-core 3.2 GHz processor is fast and efficient. Plus, you’ll get a fair helping of bandwidth and RAM to go along with it. Not bad for the price!

Notable Features of ServerPronto’s “Value” Dedicated Server for Just $39.95 Monthly:

  • Speedy AMD Athlon II X2 260 Processor Stands Alone Amid a Sea of Intel Servers.
  • Get Two Gigabytes of RAM for Your Dedicated Server Order Plus One Gigabyte Free.
  • Five Terabytes of Monthly Bandwidth and 500 Gigabytes of HDD Hard Drive Space.

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If you have a small or mid-sized website, a dual-core dedicated server is often a good choice. These hosts provide terrific value and a wide range of features. Plus, most of the companies on our list also have quad-core or even faster options so you can upgrade as necessary when your site becomes more popular. Thanks to value, a focus on quality and cutting-edge technology, they are the best hosts around.

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