How to ask a girl if she has a boyfriend or not?

Being in relationship is a great feel in all people life, however many relationships would either end up in marriage or in break up. When relationship gets break it is mainly due to misunderstanding between them and choosing wrong person.

Most of the time men get struck in confusion whether the girl on whom they are interested have boyfriend or not. Moreover when it comes to relationship it is more important to know whether girl is already in relationship or not.

However it is a tricky task to ask a girl out if she is already dating or not since in common girl would not reveal out their secrets even when they have attention from other guys.

On other hand if men try to date with girl who already has a boyfriend it becomes a wrong approach and waste of time for men. So to tackle all and to avoid this kind of situation it is more important to know whether the girl is in relationship or not. So men would search several ways for asking a girl if she is single or committed without spoiling their image and maintain their decency too.

ask a girl if she has a boyfriend or not

Tips for ask a girl is she single or not

In order to make easy here are some tip listed below which help people to ask a girl is she single or not.

  • If you are interested in a girl better to spot them an indirect question about their relationship when they involve in playful random conversation.
  • Moreover to find exact truth you can try saying that their boyfriend is lucky or proud to have them. This way would help them to get answered whether girl is single or committed.
  • Simply you can say the person whom having her is luckier when you say this if the girl is honest enough they would express their feel.
  • If you find your interested girl in public place sitting alone it does not meant she is alone so to make sure you can ask her she came alone or with friends. Or try to sit beside of her if she has boyfriend should respond for taking her boyfriend seat if not there is more chances for you.
  • As a simple way you can invite a girl for meet again by offering her a drink if she is committed already then she would refuse to have more conversation with you. If she readily accepts to have a drink and meet you again then she is single and she is interested on you.

Likewise you can ask to girl whom you are interested whether she has a boyfriend or not by following any one of the way listed above.

Signs tell that girl is not single:

Rather than asking a girl about her relationship you can find them using signs a girl has a boyfriend such as if a girl has a boyfriend they would remain reserved instead of being jovial. Moreover if girls have boyfriend they would cross their legs and arms to face away from other men and answer to questions you ask instead of requisitioning you. They would accompany by their boyfriend all the time, even if you are chatting with them they would look around to see their boyfriend presence.

All these signs would confirm you that girl is already committed and has a boyfriend.